Success Stories

Our success is translated into the results our students give us.

I was from batch 19, even in pandemic I got a successful placement by BDPro. I was skeptical before joining but when I saw the course structure and the paid internship opportunity I took a leap of faith. I joined as a Business Development Executive, currently I have been promoted to Business Development Manager for UPSC Pathshala brand.

Hitesh Yadav

Business Development Manager

I wanted to fund my college education, when I heard about the BDPro Course from a senior. I registered after seeing that he was being paid higher than others despite getting the job off-campus, thanks to BDPro! Due to college, I could only do an internship, fortunately, I still got a job offer from them when I approached them after completing my BBA!

Abhishek Thakur

Senior Business Development Executive

Worried about a dwindling job market, I wanted to get a job offer even before completing my graduation. On seeing BDPro, I was initially skeptical, as I had to spend my own money for this. However, I am glad I joined, as I was not just able to upskill myself, but I was also able to recover my fee during my internship itself! The best part is, I got my placement letter in just 5 working days!

Mohnish Sawant

Business Development Executive

After completion of my engineering degree, I realised that the creator/inventor field is too saturated. Moreover, Not only the job availability was below par but also the salary package and growth opportunities did not make any sense to me. I searched online and found the BD Pro course, the structured approach and hand holding on subjects for improvement has helped me get a secured job for a bright future ahead.

Shahzad Sheikh

Assistant Area Manager

I was working for a healthcare company in sales as a junior BDE but the lack of field knowledge and new-age digital sales approach was being a hindrance in my career growth. I could easily see that, in order to have career advancement, I need to have formal education in Sales and Marketing. But the problem was the lack of Educational institutes and courses to pursue a degree from. As soon as I was BDPro course in my Facebook recommendations I realised I have stumbled upon the solution to my problem.

Imran Sheikh

Regional Manager

I was running my own startup in the wealth management and financial analysis domain. But since I was a solopreneur onboarding customers for a steady inflow of income became a wearing task. BD pro not only increased my customer understanding skills but also provided me with ample knowledge to serve my clients better.

Harsh Ayer


After completing my BMS I joined as a Senior Sales Executive in a bank but I only had bookish knowledge that too from my course curriculum. I was unable to achieve my targets because of no experience. The education and internship in BD Pro have provided me with a very strong foundation to grow my career ahead and feel confident for my future endeavours.

Shoaib Sayed

Senior Sales Executive

I got campus placed in a media aggregator company after my B. Tech in mechanical engineering but my annual salary package was not up to the industry standards. While attending a webinar by Team Ufaber I came to know about the BDPro program under the Being Pro brand. The webinar intrigued me to go through the course plan and once going through made me realise I need to upskill myself to be my dream job-ready.

Mohsin Bari

Business Development Manager